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 Email Marketing

Email Marketing/Marketing Automation

Whether you have a list of 20 supporters or 20 million voters, we have an email solution for you. Whether you are sending emails or implementing a full data-driven email marketing and automation strategy, SinFronteras can help.

Our Email Marketing/Marketing Automation process is a four step process that starts, like all our services, with a detailed strategy. We find the best tools that support your strategy, configure them properly including adequate testing, and then execute the strategy. As we execute, we continue to monitor the results and refine the process to maximize efficiency.

Email Marketing/Marketing Automation Process

Email Marketing Strategy Development

Creating an Email Marketing/Marketing Automation Program is so much more than just writing a few emails. It is about building a strategy or collection of steps that you want your prospects to take in order to get them to achieve a specific outcome. It’s also about creating a way to achieve your goals through effective communications. We work with our clients to build the best strategy for their organization.

Tool Acquisition

Once a strategy has been devised, we need to identify the tool that will the best for you. We consider pricing models, ease of use, feature sets, integration opportunities and several other criteria to choose the right tool. Whether it is one of the tools listed below, something else, or a custom built solution, we have the toolset that fits your strategy or can build one for your organization.

System Configuration

Before the first email is sent, tools must be perfectly configured. Especially in an automation strategy, tools must be configured to handle all possible situations. Once the tools are configured to properly executed the strategy, testing can confirm its effectiveness and functionality.

Plan Implementation

The final step of our Email Marketing/Marketing Automation Process is to execute the plan with the properly configured tools. This is often the easiest step but one that needs to be monitored regularly. Analytics should be analyzed and process refined to maximize efficiencies.

Preferred Tool Collection

ActiveCampaign, headquartered not far from SinFronteras Media, is an exceptional choice for email marketing and marketing automation. It’s platform includes a CRM system that allows you to empower your email marketing program and create real prospects and clients from email addresses.

GetResponse is so much more than an email marketing service. It is an awesome email platform, but it integrates landing pages, webinars and other features to increase conversion and help you build a full digital marketing program. We are happy to help you build a GetResponse marketing program for you.

MailChimp started as the free (or low-cost) alternative to ConstantContact. Its simple and cute interface was as appealing as it functionality. In the past years, it has grown quite impressively incorporating drip campaigns and marketing automation tools while maintaining it cost-effectiveness.

SendInBlue is an exceptional email marketing platform. However, its power comes from its ability to also provide automation and transactional email services. It has a powerful API that is easy to integrate into PHP web apps, WordPress and other development platforms.

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